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America loves a big hype. We go crazy for big things that come with massive media attention. We also go crazy for anything that doesn’t come to an end but follows with a saga. It was true for Harry Potter and now it is true for Twilight.

New Moon is the second film being released in the vampire Twilight Saga. If this is anything like the first film we can expect another long line at the movie theater, but something tells me we are in for a longer wait, both at the ticket booth and the concession stand.

Edward (Pattinson, left) consoles Bella (Stewart) in New Moon

For the last year we’ve have been hearing about new cast additions to the saga. I know America is and always will be excited to see Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson and Jacob Black, played by dark hunk Taylor Lautner . In addition, we were surprised to hear that America’s new homecoming queen, Dakota Fanning was joining that cast. Fanning will be playing Jane Volturi a member of The Volturi- an organized, powerful, human blood feeding coven of vampires. (more…)


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