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The Twilight book series as well as the film adaptation of the saga has not only generated a lot of money, it has taken the world by storm. It has inspired a flow of creativity among teenagers everywhere and has inspired the creation of many television shows centered around vampires and intense forbidden love. The second installment film, New Moon, will be in theaters on November 20 and has already generated a buzz greater than that of the Harry Potter craze.

The blockbuster movie and best selling books have had a tremendous effect on today’s culture. Blogs, discussion forums, and fan-based websites dedicated to sprouting story-writing ideas centered on what happens between the sequels have popped up all over the Internet. The books have gotten teens interested in reading and writing like never before.

The books, movie and future sequels have also opened up communication between teens and their parents. The books loved by both generations have found a common ground and can openly discuss relationships, romance, and resisting temptation such as sex. Due to her strong Mormon background, author Stephenie Meyer has included passion and love between the main characters without having to incorporate sex, which has created a positive influence on teens and won the approval of parents.

Television show writers have also embraced this phenomenon creating shows about young good-looking vampires and their drive to fit in and find love. HBO series True Blood, based on Sookie Stackhouse novels, is the second most watched series ever, and the debut episode of Vampire Diaries was the most watched premiere in CW history.

The Twilight series has also influenced fashion. Although the film Twilight and New Moon do not feature groundbreaking fashion statements, designers have cashed in on the vampire fad by incorporating pieces into their lines that are darker and more mysterious befitting the vampire persona.

Twilight and New Moon stars have also been appearing on covers and spreads of fashion magazines sporting high fashion outfits and accessories inspired by the movie.

This phenomenon has quickly changed the way people think. Even if you have not read the books nor watched the film or plan on doing either, chances are you know everything there is to know about the characters and the evolving romantic relationship between them. The forbidden love between the characters and immortality of the vampires has changed the way we view love, commitment, romance, and ourselves. It has definitely changed the way we feel about those we love, fighting for what we desire, and will continue to have an impact on society and culture (at least for the next couple of years).

Written by: Ana J. Cepeda


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From vampires to werewolves, fantasy is an avenue that has long captivated people’s attention and its influence on popular culture to fashion is undeniable.

Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series of books took the world by storm. With New Moon, the second installment of the film franchise, coming to theaters on November 20, the immense popularity of vampires resulted in a phenomenon rarely generated by any one thing. It is for this generation what Anne Rice accomplished with The Vampire Chronicles. With the transference from book to film the impact of Twilight can be felt greater than ever. It is impossible to glance at a newsstand and not see a plethora of magazine covers with the stars of the film splashed across the pages. The mega star status placed upon Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner has propelled the series into greatness. (more…)

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ameliaAmelia Earhart is a legend today for succeeding in the dangerous man’s world of early 20th century aeronautics, where death loomed around every corner. And she accomplished a lot in her brief professional career as a pilot – just don’t look to the new film Amelia to explore it in any meaningful way.

The film stars Hilary Swank as Amelia Earhart and follows her through her first meeting with book publisher-cum-pr agent G.P. Putnam, the man she would eventually marry, played by a dashing-as-ever Richard Gere. It is Putnam who scouts Earhart to be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic–though she is forced to do it as the passenger of two men–and turns her into an American pop culture star. We see Earhart come into her own as a pilot, taking risks and accomplishing aviation goals. There is some emphasis (but maybe too much) on her love life: Though her marriage to Putnam was open on her part, she is shown to have rebuffed men when their advances didn’t suit her. Of course, we all know how this story ends and scenes from her final flight are spliced throughout the film along with voice-over passages from the journals that she had sent home along the way.

The greatest strength of this film lies in the cinematography. When Earhart took her final flight around the world, she followed the equator and flew over Africa and India. In the film, we get to see glorious aerial views of the African savanna and its exotic animals. There are a few edge-of-the-seat moments which serve to add some excitement, but they don’t add anything to the story. Unfortunately, that is the extent of the positive. (more…)

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