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A group of young women who stood in line since the day before to get their hands on a pair of strappy sandals witnessed employees painting displays, cleaning the storefront and stocking merchandise onto shelves and racks in preparation for the launch of Jimmy Choo at H&M.

The pack of Choo fanatics headed an army of sleep-deprived, antsy shoppers anticipating the opening of the retail giant in San Francisco. The line began in front of H&M on Powell street extending past Stockton and Ellis. Some sat covered in blankets, a few were slumped over while others stood stylishly dressed. Security guards wearing black suits surrounded the line. One would’ve guessed it was a casting call for a new reality show.

“We tried out H&M shoes yesterday to make sure we get the right size today,” said Alex Pratt, student at the University of San Francisco and one of the young women. Pratt and her friends staked out the store, called ahead of time for information, have been saving money and researching online for two months since they first heard of the collaboration. With not much time to waste, their strategy was to run for shoes first, then accessories and lastly clothing.

Around 9 A.M., the first 160 customers were given color-coded wristbands with a 10-minute time slot to shop for shoes and accessories lasting until noon. Those without wristbands could shop for clothing and left-over accessories.

“I want the leather leggings and strappy sandals,” said 28-year-old Naomi who has been standing in line since 3:30 a.m. with her significant other. “My friend works here and she told me about it [Jimmy Choo at H&M launch].”

Sneaky shoppers who wanted first dips were willing to pay for a space in line. Pratt and friends caught someone behind them paying a guy $400 to hold a spot. “They kept switching people and then they got kicked out,” said 23-year-old Holly Luong.

The glass doors opened at 10 A.M. to cheers and applause as a guard monitored people walking in a single-filed line. Once the crazed Choo-ers were in the store, they grabbed items like scavengers. Employees wearing Jimmy Choo at H&M labeled T-shirts picked up staples as they fell on the floor, merchandise quickly disappeared from racks and dressed mannequins went bare.

“The hottest line besides Christian Louboutin,” said Luong, student at West Valley studying Fashion Design.

The “Sex and the City” famed brand, masterminded by Creative Director Tamara Mellon unveiled at 10 U.S. stores and about 200 worldwide on Saturday, November 14. The British line features shoes detailed in studs, buckles, prints and eyelets ranging from high-heels, thigh-high boots to ballet flats.

As seen on the Jimmy Choo’s web site, shoes from the newest line runs $375 to $1195 whereas footwear for the H&M exclusive collection tops at $299 with the cheapest pair priced at $69.95.

“I wish they were all $60,” said Julie Rogers who traveled from Houston with a friend who said she was Jimmy Choo’s former attorney.

This collaboration marks Mellon’s first foray in clothing. The slick mens and Eighties-inspired womens’ ready-to-wear accented in black and royal blue includes leather biker jackets, blue jeans, shirts, fringed and one-shoulder suede dresses complimented by animal print clutches, studded belts and jewelry. The upscale party wear ranges from $24.95 to $299.

Customers carried multiple clear bags full of their selected items while some trotted through the store with clothing hanging from their arms.

A voice from the top level where the handbags and shoes were shelved shouted over the intercom, “Don’t try to be smart, we will check you.” Customers were limited to one item per style and size in the entire collection.

Hennes & Mauritz, founded in 1947 previously teamed up with famous designers like Roberto Cavalli, Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Matthew Williamson and Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garcon but Jimmy Choo is the first accessory brand on the list.

“We got everything we wanted,” yelled one of girls from the first group in line as they carried tons of electric blue bags labeled Jimmy Choo for H&M out of the door and loaded them into a car.

Written By Shaneia Caldwell


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An allure of pale complexions, dark smoky eyes with extended lashes, deep crimson stained lips and raven hair has turned beauty trendsetters into beloved blood suckers. This year’s vampire inspired-look is credited to the popular Twilight franchise and HBO’s True Blood .

The visual trope of a vampire may include fangs but the image has sent many cosmetic brands lusting and beautiful villains strutting down Fall 2009 ready-to-wear runways. Anna Sui is among a platoon of designers bitten by the potent bloody brute. The models’ cheekbones were contoured in blush complimenting dark-lined eyes and bold lips. Muccia Prada took it a step further with blanched skin tones, red-rimmed eyes with a midnight smoky effect over the lids and spooky frizzed-up hair.

“Either go with black knight, a classic red or dark purple lipstick with crazy dramatic eyes to achieve the look,” said Roberto Salazar, freelance makeup artist at MAC Cosmetics. “You can use Carbon black eye shadow with a silvery dark metallic to highlight the lid, a smoulder eye liner, black Plump Lash and the same eyeshadow can be blended on the cheek under blush to get the pale scary effect.”


Twilight Beauty, a new cosmetic brand composed of two lines makes it easier for vamp followers to take part in the captivating trend. The blockbuster series of Twilight films including New Moon which arrives in theaters on November 20 was the driving force behind the brand. Bundled in sophisticated packaging, Luna Twilight and Volturi Twilight launched in Dillards, Nordstroms and specialty retailers in September. (more…)

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plaitsHairstyles have always played a major role in the fashion industry. Without hairdos to compliment the makeup and silhouettes, the story is incomplete. In particular, braids has left the streets and gone onto models traveling down runways.

Plaits have been a popular hairstyle for people since the beginning of time. The ancient art form and cultural tradition roots from Africa and began with young girls getting their done by an older female relative. In many West African countries, braids indicated one’s social status, age group or village affiliation. Over the last two decades, braid salons hit the streets of urban communities in America.

I grew up in a household where my mother was a hairstylist specializing in braids. The technique took time, it could take up to an entire day to plait someones hair depending on the style and size of braids. Some women wanted French braids like recording artist Alicia Keys who sprung onto the music scene wearing cornrows as a signature look. Many brought ripped out magazine pages of singer Brandy from the TV sitcom Moesha; wearing individuals. Others admired the famous tennis player sister duo Serena and Venus Williams for their commitment to micro braids and colorful beads throughout a portion of their career. A few took delight in creating their own type of styles. (more…)

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When shopping for shoes the biggest concerns are quality, style and wearability. Melissa manages to transform an undesirable material like plastic into a shoe of high function.

The sustainable line of footwear includes flats, heels, wedges, clogs and sandals made from recycled material like MEFLEX plastic and PVC which stretches design beyond its limits.

Once known as the ’80s jellies (clear shoes worn by little girls with socks), the modern stylized shoe is now made softer with a fabric insole. Melissa marries women to both comfort and fashion.

“I have a pair and it feels like I’m walking on gel,” said Lauren Benson, manager at Nida in Hayes Valley. Nida sells a variety of styles from the Spring and Fall collection including the Vivienne Westwood Three Straps, black shiny Zaha Hadid, clear J. Maskrey NightSky and Ultragirl.


Melissa shoe construction is intended to abide for years. “They’re green and last longer than a pair of leather shoes,” said Lauren Stewart, sales associate at Villians on Haight street. The shop has select styles from the Fall 2009 Collection including Glam, Ashanti faux velvet booties and brown Vivienne Westwood Three Straps Elevated. Prices range from $59 to $200 and opt for a color of choice. (more…)

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